Coronavirus Update

As this virus continues to make an impact on daily life, we wanted to provide an update on our service during this time.

We will continue to operate as we always have but will have 3 options available for our clients:

1: In Person Appointment

2: Drop off – Call to finalize

  • You can bring in your tax information and we will be able to complete your return within 7 days.

3: Secure Client Portal – Call to finalize

  • Those that would like to take the extra precaution or just prefer an alternate method, we have a secure client portal that will allow you to upload your tax forms and we will be able to complete your return within 7 days.  Your return will also be uploaded to your respective portal to view at your convenience once reviewed and finalized via phone call.


If you wish to use the secure portal, please email Jordan at and he will email you with the proper instructions or Steve at

Feel free to call as well 804-746-4411

Please stay safe out there and follow the public safety guidelines.  We will be following the same guidelines for our office.

Thank you.

Steve, Jordan, & Diana.


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