NOTICE: The IRS Filing Date has been extended to July 15th.  The Virginia Filing Date is still currently May 1st.  The state has pushed any interest and penalties on state taxes due 30 days to June 1st.

Due to the ongoing developments regarding the Coronavirus, we will move to a safer method for tax preparation for our clients.

Effective 3.18.20 we will postpone face to face meetings and will have three options:

  1. Drop off and will be contacted within 24 hours.
  2. Upload forms to our secure client portal.
  3. Ask to Reschedule for a date from May-July 15th.

**If you drop off or upload your forms more than 24 hours before your scheduled appointment time, we will call you at the time of appointment to review and finalize**

Please call 804-746-4411 or email to inform us on which option you prefer.

We appreciate your understanding and we will continue to provide the same quality service you expect from us.

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Coronavirus Update

As this virus continues to make an impact on daily life, we wanted to provide an update on our service during this time.

We will continue to operate as we always have but will have 3 options available for our clients:

1: In Person Appointment

2: Drop off – Call to finalize

  • You can bring in your tax information and we will be able to complete your return within 7 days.

3: Secure Client Portal – Call to finalize

  • Those that would like to take the extra precaution or just prefer an alternate method, we have a secure client portal that will allow you to upload your tax forms and we will be able to complete your return within 7 days.  Your return will also be uploaded to your respective portal to view at your convenience once reviewed and finalized via phone call.


If you wish to use the secure portal, please email Jordan at and he will email you with the proper instructions or Steve at

Feel free to call as well 804-746-4411

Please stay safe out there and follow the public safety guidelines.  We will be following the same guidelines for our office.

Thank you.

Steve, Jordan, & Diana.


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2019 Tax Year – 31st Anniversary!

This year marks the 31st anniversary of The 411 Group Inc.!

Steve has been providing unparalleled services and support to our clients in the Greater Richmond area for 3 decades and appreciates each and every one of you for allowing that to happen!

The 2019 Tax Year is coming  to an end, and now begins the process of preparing for tax day April 15, 2020.  Please remember to make your appointments as early as possible to ensure your return will be filed in a timely matter, as spots fill up fast.   You can make appointments on this website or call Diana at 804-746-4411.

Tax packets will be sent upon request.  If you would like to receive your personalized packet to prepare for 2019 tax season, please email us at or call and ask us!

For our loyal clients, we continue to have the opportunity to provide a complimentary financial review covering topics such as Social Security, Income Planning, and Investment Planning outside of the tax services provided by The 4-1-1 Group Inc.

If you would like to schedule your complementary meeting with Jordan, please go to WaltonWealthManagement and schedule today!

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2019 Tax Year e-filing begins January 23, 2019

All returning clients may email or call to request a Tax Organizer to help get ready for your tax appointment.  Your organizer will contain your numbers from last year to use as a guide.

Please schedule early for best times. We will start doing 2019 tax year income tax returns on January 06, 2020.

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2019 Tax Prep Checklist

               List of Tax Preparation Forms, Documents

General Information
___ Copy of Last Year’s Tax Return
___ Social Security Numbers for You and Your Spouse
___ Educational Expenses for You and Your Spouse
___ Dependents’ Names, Years of Birth, and Social Security Numbers
___ Dependents’ Post High School Educational Expenses
___ Child Care Expenses for Each Dependent
___ Prior Year Adjusted Gross Income (AGI)We have last year’s (AGI) if we did your Prior
___ Routing Transmit Number (RTN) (For direct deposit/debit purposes)
___ Bank Account Number (BAN) (For direct deposit/debit purposes)
Taxable Income Forms, Documents
___ W-2 Form(s) for Wages, Salaries, and Tips
___ Interest Income Statements: Form 1099-INT & 1099-OID
___ Dividend Income Statements: Form 1099-DIV
___ Sales of Stock, Land, etc. for Capital Gains: Form 1099-B
___ Sales of Real Estate: Form 1099-S
___ State Tax Refunds: Form 1099-G
___ Alimony Received or Paid if divorced before or on December 31, 2018
___ Unemployment Compensation Received
___ Miscellaneous Income: Form 1099-MISC
___ Retirement Income: Form 1099-R
___ Social Security Income and Railroad Retirement Income: Form SSA-1099
___ Business Income and Expenses
___ Rental Income and Expenses
___ Farm Income and Expenses
___ Form K-1 Income from Partnerships, Trusts, and S-Corporations
___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Business Purposes

Tax Credits
___ Child Tax Credit
___ Child Care Provider Address, I.D. Number and Paid for the Child Care Credit
___ Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
___ Adoption Expense Information for the Adoption Credit
___ Foreign Taxes paid
___ Education Credits

Tax Deductions, Expenses
___ Medical Expenses for the Family
___ Medical Insurance Paid
___ Prescription Medicines and Drugs
___ Doctor and Dentist Payments
___ Hospital and Nurse Payments
___ Tax Deductible Miles Traveled for Medical Purposes
___ Home Mortgage Interest from Form 1098
___ Home Second Mortgage Interest Paid
___ Real Estate Taxes Paid
___ State Taxes Paid with Last Year’s Return (if claiming itemized deductions)
___ Personal Property Taxes Paid
___ Charitable Cash Contributions
___ Fair Market Value of Non-cash Contributions to Charities
___ Unreimbursed Expenses Related to Volunteer Work
___ Tax Deductible Mileage for Volunteer Purposes
___ IRA Contributions
___ Student Loan Interest Paid
___ Moving Expenses only if Military

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Tax Year 2019 filing deadline is Wednesday April 15, 2020

The end of the year is fast approaching and it will soon be time to file your taxes.

In order to submit your tax return, you first need a W-2 form, or Wage and Tax statement, from every employer you had during 2019. If you’re a freelancer, you’ll need 1099 forms.

Employers typically must file and postmark tax-related documents by January 31, so you should receive your forms by early February 2020. But if you receive all your forms before then, you can file your tax return as soon as you’d like.

The deadline for filing your 2019 tax return is Wednesday, April 15, 2020.

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ID Requirement

Please note that new for the 2017 tax year and all years after, each client and their spouse will need to have their driver’s license information in order to be e-filed.


You can make an appointment at the top of this site with Steve as always.



If you would like to book an appointment with Jordan for investments, retirement, or tax returns, you can do so at the link below this post.

Thank you

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Looking For Customized Financial Planning, One Step At A Time?

If you are in the need for investment planning, retirement planning, or tax planning then make an appointment today with Jordan Walton and Walton Wealth Management Inc.

Services include current portfolio analysis, review current life insurance and annuity policies, and running customized reports on Social Security and income planning.

Jordan’s professional licenses include a Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Examination and a Life & Annuities Insurance License. He is an Investment Advisor Representative with Gradient Advisors, LLC. Gradient Advisors provide industry leading back office support as well as provide access to the professionally managed portfolios offered to our clients

Click the link below to learn more & make your appointment with Jordan!

Walton Wealth Management Inc.

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Welcome to 4-1-1 Group, Inc.

Where’s My Refund? – It’s Quick, Easy and Secure..

********Adverse Weather, if IRS is closed (check for government closings), so are we.********

Roth IRAs offer a number of tax benefits, retirement savings opportunities, and liquidity benefits that often go underappreciated. Remember, you can still set up a Roth IRA for 2017 by contributing before the tax return due date in April. Don’t think it is too late to start using this valuable savings vehicle. If it all feels a bit overwhelming, find a good financial advisor who can help you set up a plan and invest for your future with a Roth IRA.

Please remember to contact S. Jordan Walton of the 4-1-1 Retirement Group, Inc.. for all your investment and retirement goal needs.  Jordan brings to the group; the education, tools, and professional support to assist you in planning for a successful financial retirement.  With his help, the 4-1-1 Group is able to offer you the best financial, investment, and retirement advise with Professional Tax Representation.

30 years of providing Professional Tax Representation  allows for the 4-1-1 Group to incorporate a system that is less taxing on your time and money.  Complete SATISFACTION is our goal and mission. The 2016 tax year brings many new changes, to include increased penalties for not having health care. The 411 Group wants to assure you that your tax return will be completed using the most up to date laws and changes to the tax code, including late 2017 December updates.  Be assured that Jordan and I complete all required continuing education credits each and every tax year, to include but not limited to, the  2018 Federal Income Tax Update.


********Adverse Weather, if IRS is closed (check for government closings), so are we.********

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