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Roth IRAs offer a number of tax benefits, retirement savings opportunities, and liquidity benefits that often go underappreciated. Remember, you can still set up a Roth IRA for 2017 by contributing before the tax return due date in April. Don’t think it is too late to start using this valuable savings vehicle. If it all feels a bit overwhelming, find a good financial advisor who can help you set up a plan and invest for your future with a Roth IRA.

Please remember to contact S. Jordan Walton of the 4-1-1 Retirement Group, Inc.. for all your investment and retirement goal needs.  Jordan brings to the group; the education, tools, and professional support to assist you in planning for a successful financial retirement.  With his help, the 4-1-1 Group is able to offer you the best financial, investment, and retirement advise with Professional Tax Representation.

30 years of providing Professional Tax Representation  allows for the 4-1-1 Group to incorporate a system that is less taxing on your time and money.  Complete SATISFACTION is our goal and mission. The 2016 tax year brings many new changes, to include increased penalties for not having health care. The 411 Group wants to assure you that your tax return will be completed using the most up to date laws and changes to the tax code, including late 2017 December updates.  Be assured that Jordan and I complete all required continuing education credits each and every tax year, to include but not limited to, the  2018 Federal Income Tax Update.


********Adverse Weather, if IRS is closed (check www.NBC12.com for government closings), so are we.********

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